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Endless Mantra is a collaborative online artwork. You are welcome to participate.

What does it do?
Every 60 minutes, Endless Mantra will publish a new, anonymous message. It is designed to keep publishing messages, into eternity.

This is how you can participate:
You can feed Endless Mantra with your messages. There are two ways to submit a message:
1. Via e-mail: compose a message of 140 characters maximum (spaces and punctuation included) and send it to endlessmantra (at) Your e-mail address will not appear on Endless Mantra.
2. Via Twitter: write a @reply or direct message (address it to @endlessmantra).
Any other tweets containing “endlessmantra” will also be picked up, unless you have a protected Twitter profile.
Names of senders will not appear on Endless Mantra.
If you want to tweet about Endless Mantra but don’t want those tweets to be picked up by it, add *nomantra* to your tweet. See an example of such a tweet here.

Wat happens after you submitted a message?
Your message will go into a queue. Every 60 minutes, Endless Mantra will publish one message, the first message in line.

Who is behind this?
Endless Mantra is an idea of Jan Leenders, developed by Steffest.
Jan’s other online art projects are Twit2art and Auction Art. He’s also on Twitter.
Steffest is on Twitter too.

Final note
All submissions are put onto Endless Mantra automatically. It is not possible to edit or approve them before they are published. In case of abuse, I will get mad. Behave, or be prepared for some spanking.

Contact Jan via e-mail.

Support Jan and donate to make new art projects possible.


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  1. Ofcourse … I’m in!

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