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Update 1

1. Five becomes sixty
I hope you’re not too addicted yet, because I changed the tweeting interval from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. That will make the stream of updates a bit more bearable for the non-junkie-followers.

2. Tweeting without being caught
If you want to tweet about @endlessmantra without being picked up by it, add *nomantra* to your tweet. See an example here. Don’t forget: tweets mentioning “endlessmantra” will also be picked up, so watch your mouth.

3. For the DM’ers
Furthermore, if you want to send DM’s to @endlessmantra, you need to be followed by the @endlessmantra account. I add followers manually to avoid spammers. If you’re not being followed by @endlessmantra, let me know @auctionart.

4. Thank you
Thanks to everyone who already sent in messages and feedback, spread the tword*, or even wrote a blogpost about it. Also thanks to the person who came up with this:

When I grow up I want to be a sentence

(* To spread the tword: to spread the word via Twitter)


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